Scaffold Tower and Equipment Hire

The SCA has purchased a 6.1m folding tower assembly that is available for hire by anyone in the village who requires one for general jobs and maintenance around their homes.  There is also a roof ladder available for hire at half the rate of the scaffold tower.

Hire rates for the scaffold tower are currently set at:

  • £10 per day for villagers working on their own properties
  • £15 per day for villagers working on Holiday homes
  • £100 per week or £20 per day for contractors working within the village

If you are interested in hiring any equipment then please contact Andy Moyes, John McNeil or any of the SCA SCIO trustees.  Any equipment hire is made on the following terms:

  • The hire rates apply for the period the equipment is in possession of the hirer, regardess of whether it is being used.  
  • Equipment should be returned in the same condition in which it was hired or charges may apply, at the discretion of the SCA. 
  • Equipment is hired strictly at the risk of the person(s) hiring it. 
  • The SCA makes no representations as to the condition or purpose of the equipment and the hirer shall be solely responsible for informing him or herself as to and ensuring the safe and proper use of the equipment. 
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