Community Council

Shieldaig Community Council is part of the local government infrastructure within the Highland Council area. Though the main centre of population is the village of Shieldaig, the Community Council covers the area from the Balgy river to the east, Fearnabeg to the west and to Couldoran in the South.
It is responsible for identifying and promoting local interests mainly through the influence it can bring to bear on the policies and programmes of the various statutory bodies which operate in the area. The Community Council is consulted by the Highland Council and other organisations on matters which affect the community and on all planning applications which are made within the Community council area.
The Community Council is composed of 7 community councillors directly elected and accountable to the local electorate. Elections are held every four years with half the councillors standing down on each occasion. The current community council was constituted following an election in 2015. (see Councillors page)
The community council meets about 8 times a year – February, March, April, May, June (AGM), September, October, November – on the first Tuesday evening of the month at 7.30pm. We seek to operate in an open and transparent manner. All meetings are open to the public and anybody interested in Community issues is warmly welcome to attend - see Agendas for dates. 
Underpinning the Community Council's day to day work is the vision of a community which is generally happy, well supported and being an interesting and integrated place in which to live. It is however concerned about the Community's local base and is looking at ways of expanding the number of year round residents and attracting families with children to live and work in the area. In parallel it will try to encourage expansion of local job opportunities and ensure the best possible level of support services for everybody in the community, whatever their ages or needs.
The Community Council also seeks to provide support for local businesses and to enhance the visitor experience. It also operates this community website to inform the public about the work of the Community Council. Minutes are also made public both here and via local An Carrannach. The website also provides a forum for other community groups and organisations as well as seeking feedback and information.
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